Organizing Bookmarks (The impossible dream?)


I have tried several times to tame the multi-headed monster, commonly referred to “bookmarks” … The one sort of like the monsters we suspect live under our beds: Scarier in our mind than reality; not really a monster at all. Well, I will agree, in part, with that …

The massive amount of information available on the Internet is fascinating, additive and well, massive! ;-) Although bookmarks are best used when organized, organization doesn’t come easy to right brain thinkers. I mean where in the world do you begin? What is your reference point? Would WordPress themes be filed under blogging or design? Or would I list “design” in a file labeled “blogging”?? 8-O

After all, I have enough of a challenge determining my weekly plan by days of the week!

So, I have been working on some sort of system to wrangle in the massive collection of bookmarks I have thus far. This has become a priority since I will soon be reformatting my hard drive (in hopes of ridding it of a bad case of the quirks!).

While there are 1,010,000 “results” for how to organize bookmarks, I have yet to read one that proposes possible file names and systems of organization. :roll:

It is commonly recommended that you determine what your interests are with regard to the types of sites you visit. Hel-lo!? 8-O That list is as long and disorganized as my bookmarks!

delicious-icon comes highly recommend. However, right away it is apparent that this could be yet another form of organization-torture (as well as a place to get lost-in-links!). However, I will persevere! Should you you decide to pursue this, dear reader, I recommend starting with the Delicious FireFox extension.

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  1. P.S. Just found this great resource ✔ What the Heck is Social Bookmarking —

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